Concorde mattress - height +/- 26 cm

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4180.00 L.E
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  • 26 CM
  • 130 KG
  • سوست متصلة
  • صيفى وشتوى
  • كثافة متوسطة
coils of European origin with Spanish specification 
A solid cadre that surround the coils to support the coils 
A layer of double-sided insulator felt 
Aspects density with very high density surrounded the different sides of the mattress 
A layer of double-sided high-pressure foam.
A layer of non-woven. 
A layer of soft foam upholstered on both sides.
A layer of fiber roll upholstered under the outer cloth 
High quality cotton and fiber roll upholstered under the outer cloth 
A layer of double knitted fabric treated according to international specifications,
Spacer system, is an all-round ventilation system